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pneumatic crimping tool FEK-5ND

pneumatic crimping tool FEK-5ND
Also named pneumatic crimping tool FEK-5ND,pneumatic crimping tool machine FEK-5ND, pneumatic crimping tool device FEK-5ND

The machine is driven by dual-action normal cylinder,Which has advantages of high efficiency and quality in crimping force and speed.

The machine is fit for crimping many kinds of terminals.The die sets are interchangeable with our manual crimping tools.So we can provide you all kinds of die sets for crimping.  

Model FEN-5ND

Range of Application Non-Insulated Terminal <=10mm2
Insulated Terminal <=6mm2
Wire-end ferrules<=25mm2
Output force 13.5KN
Application air pressure 0.4-1Mpa
External Dimension 260*120*140mm
Weight 4Kg
Gross Weight 6Kg