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Fully automatic crimping and tinning wire machine ACM-02A

Fully automatic crimping and tinning wire machine ACM-02A

is also named automatic crimping wire device, automatic crimping wire equipment,automatic crimping wire machinery.

The compact designed makes the machine structure tightly packed, cleverly made, less occupied area.

Easy computer touch screen operation

Change procedure and material quick.

Efficiently of the stepping drive, high definition and speed

Simply maintenance

High Cost Performance

PowerAC 220V/50/60Hz
Functioncutting wire, single end stripping, both ends stripping, single end crimping, single end twisting, single end tinning
Wire sizeAWG#24-AWG#18, AWG#24-AWG#32,
cutting length10 mm--600 mm( replacing some optional parts the shortest cutting length can be changed to 8 mm)
Cutting Tolerance:0.2 mm±0.02*L
Stripping length0--7 mm
Twisting length3--7 mm
Tinning length0.5--7 mm
Press Capacity2.0T
Air pressure0.5-0.7MPA