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Wire Feeder System QSFX-35

Wire Feeder System QSFX-35

A accessory for wire harness equipment (such as cutting & stripping machines), improve the processing quality.

QSFX-35 automatic wire prefeeder is provided with motor, pay off accumulator, sensor, frequency conversion. It renders stable delivery of wire to the cutter.

Function with active convey wire. (No need to pull wire by other machine)

Adjustable speed ensures more flexibility.

The less wire on the pay off accumalator, the faster speed the motor will be.

Adopts sensors control that ensures orderly work.

When the cutter stop operating, QSFX-35 could be sensed automatically, and then brake, recovery the wire which was feeded (needless) by interia.

There is always 5m wire on the pay off accumulator to accomplish stable work

Feed speed MAX 135r/min(Adjustable )

Power 220V,90W

Dimensions 730*600*600mm

Weight 30 KG

Max. Wire Weight 25 KG

APPLICATION RANGE Not matter of wire roll, without roll is also OK.

Min. ID of wire roll 30mm

Max.OD of wire roll 350mm

Direction of rotation Adjustable (D/R Direct/Reverse)