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Hydraulic crimping machine TFP-10T/15T

Hydraulic crimping machine TFP-10T/15T


Special for crimping large plug,terminal with excellent performance.

Working principle: oil pressure realize flexible pressure.

Crimping type: six-side round crimping, point crimping


Range of Application 10-120mm²/10-240mm²

Output force 10T/15T

Stroke 22mm

Die size 16mm²,25mm²,35mm²,50mm²,70mm²,95mm²,120mm², 150mm²,180mm²,240mm²

Applicable air pressure 0.6-1Mpa (0.95Mpa would be best)

Crimping type six-side round crimping,point crimping

Rated pressure 2.5mpa-70mpa

Rated flow high pressure 0.8L/min, low pressure 2.5L/min

Oil tank 10L

Motor power 0.75kw

Dimension 750mm*480mm*1000mm

Weight 75kg/85kg

Working video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRNaCW4jrEE