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Fully automatic terminal crimping machine ACM-01N

Fully automatic terminal crimping machine ACM-01N

This model is similar likeschleuniger, could named crimp terminals machine,molex crimper machine


The equipment use imported parts to cut wirestripterminal crimpact precise, Operation simple, performance stabilization,

Line pressing roller elastic cutter depth adjustment by fully computer.


cut wires, single-end stripping, two-end stripping, single-end pressure,single-end twisted wire

Cutting length:40mm-9.9m
Stripping length:0.5mm-15mm
Cutting Tolerance:±(0.5+0.002*L)mm
Wire Range:AWG18~AWG30
Wire material:PVC,PE
Crimping force:1.5T/2.0T
Air source:0.5Mpa
Testing device:wire exists or not , terminal exists or not, crimping good or not.
Productivity:70pcs/min (L=100mm,AWG20)
Delivery Information:
Package: Plywood
Dimension: 4000px*3000px*5500px
25.6in*23.6in*21.3in (7.45 cu ft)
Net Weight: 180kg
Gross Weight: 230kg
Port of Loading: China
Production Cycle: 7 working days
Transport time: 15 days to USA by sea

Fully automatic terminal crimping machine with twisting function ACM-01N