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Cable cut and strip machine CSC-515

Cable cut and strip machine CSC-515

Also named wire cut machine,cable strippers machine,auto wire stripper machine


Intellectual computer control system.

With Quick and easy keyboard operation, freely setting for cutting length and wire stripping length.

Excellent price to performance ratio, economical & practical, low failure rate.

Cutting length:1mm-9.9m
Stripping length:0.5-30 mm
Cutting Tolerance:±(0.2+0.002*L)mm
Wire Range:AWG28-AWG14
Wire material:PVC,TEFLON, Fiberglass Wire
Air source:0.2-0.4MPa
Productivity:80pcs/min (L=100mm, A=B=5mm,AWG16)
Delivery Information:
Package: 25kg
Dimension: 605mm*625mm*445mm (0.17 cdm)
Net Weight: 25kg
Gross Weight: 28kg
Port of Loading: China
Production Cycle: 7 working days
Transport time: 5 days to EL PASO by air