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Cable cut and strip machine CSC-5025

Cable cut and strip machine CSC-5025

Also named automatic peeling machine,cable cutter machine


Pneumatic roller lifting, pneumatic pressurization, manual torsion spring rotation for the fine adjustment of roller gap.

CSC-5025 could process 2 wires at a go.

The widest wire diameter reaches up to 11mm.

Cutting length:0.5mm-9.9m
Stripping length:front end:0.5-100mm, rear end:0.5-40mm
Cutting Tolerance:±(0.5+0.002*L)mm
Wire Range:AWG4-AWG12
Wire material:PVC,TEFLON, Fiberglass Wire
Air source:0.4-0.6 MPa
Productivity:39pcs/min (L=100mm, A=B=5mm,AWG18)
Delivery Information:
Package: 50kg
Dimension: 650mm*600mm*540mm (0.21 cdm)
Net Weight: 50kg
Gross Weight: 56kg
Port of Loading: China
Production Cycle: 7 working days
Transport time: 5 days to EL PASO by air